Elementary Music


Never Play Music Right Next To The Zoo

The end of the year is coming faster than ever!  This year we will have a spring concert that will include the First through Fourth Grade classes. We are so excited to share our progress as musicians and perform for you! The concert date and time is: 

Tuesday | April 18, 2023

Franklin County R-II Gymnasium

6:30 PM

When and Where: Your child will need to be seated in the gymnasium with their class at 6:15pm. Please encourage your family and friends to attend the concert to support our students!  

What to Wear: We will be telling the story, Never Play Music Right Next To The Zoo, through musical selections. Students are allowed to and encouraged to dress like a zoo animal! If they do not want to dress like a zoo animal they can wear nice concert clothing (khakis, black jeans, blouse, dress, skirt, etc.).  If you need help acquiring any clothing pieces for your child, please reach out! We have wonderful resources in our community to help us get you what you need. 

Attendance: If there is a reason your child cannot attend the concert, please contact Mrs. Shockley as soon as possible. This allows us to make changes to speaking parts before the concert.

I am so excited for this concert and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to! 


Hannah Shockley

Franklin County R-II School 

Music/Band Teacher 

Email: [email protected]

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